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Dr. Anthony Geroulis -  - Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Anthony Geroulis

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon located in North Shore, Northfield, IL

At the North Shore Center for Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Northfield, Illinois, board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Geroulis, offers minimally invasive face and neck contouring to help you reclaim a more youthful appearance. He can deliver exceptional skin contouring similar to a face and neck lift without excisional surgery to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. To learn more about a non-surgical facelift, please schedule a consultation online or by phone today.

Non-Surgical Facelift Q & A


Dr. Geroulis performs a non-invasive facelift with no incisions as an alternative to a traditional facelift.  He utilizes his surgical expertise in performing this minimally invasive facelift with multiple modalities. Utilizing radio-frequency as a source of energy and its heat, both fat is destroyed and skin is retracted. The different levels of radio-frequency intensity are formulated specifically for each patient. He utilizes a combination of cutting edge technologies: FaceTite, AccuTite, Ellevate, and Morpheus8 to achieve his excellent results. The combination of these devices provides dramatic improvement in tightening the skin of the face and neck without invasive surgery.


A consultation with Dr. Geroulis to discuss your aesthetic concerns and goals is necessary.  During that consultation, he will perform an examination and consider your bone structure, quality of skin, distribution of facial fat, and your facial proportions. As with sculpting, balance and proportion must also be applied to the evaluation of a person’s face.


If you are concerned with changes in the way you look due to aging or have begun to notice that you don't look as good as you feel. This is a great option for patients who do not want to have scars from a traditional facelift, do not want a long recovery time, do not want to undergo general anesthesia or IV anesthesia, or for patients who do not feel they are ready for an extended surgical facelift.