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At the North Shore Center for Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Northfield, Illinois, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Geroulis offers customized care plans for ear surgery. Dr. Geroulis specializes in the treatment of ear deformities or trauma-related damage using the latest surgical techniques. He can reshape or resize your ears to give you a well-balanced, aesthetically pleasing appearance. If your ears are too large or protrude excessively, schedule a consultation with Dr. Geroulis to discuss options for surgery. You can call the North Shore Center for Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery or request an appointment online today.

Ear Surgery Q & A


Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is a procedure to enhance the shape, proportion, or position of your ears. Some people describe this type of surgery as ear pinning when the focus is resizing and repositioning ears that stick out from the side of your head.

Dr. Geroulis uses the latest techniques to treat birth defects, injuries, or cosmetic issues that make you unhappy with your appearance. You may benefit from ear surgery to treat ears that stick out or are excessively large.


Having surgery to improve the appearance of your ears is a personal decision. Dr. Geroulis first ensures you’re healthy enough for surgery by reviewing your medical history and existing health. He also discusses your expectations for results before recommending surgery and creating a surgical plan.

In general, you should be free of ear infections and medical issues that can complicate surgery. People over age 5 are typically good candidates for otoplasty as the cartilage in the ear is strong enough to tolerate surgery.


You can expect to receive anesthesia during your surgery to keep you comfortable. Dr. Geroulis follows your surgical plan to make necessary repairs to your ears, making the incisions in the natural creases behind your ear to minimize your risk for scars.

To ensure the most natural-looking, well-balanced results, Dr. Geroulis takes into consideration the overall shape and aesthetic appearance of your face when restructuring your ears.

Following your procedure, it’s normal to have some discomfort, and Dr. Geroulis can recommend medications to manage your pain. You may also need a course of antibiotics to prevent infection.

Dr. Geroulis provides after-care instructions, including directions for changing your bandages and limiting your activities as your ear heals. It’s important to protect your ear from any type of pressure or trauma to ensure it heals properly.

When it’s time to remove your bandages, you may still have swelling and bruising. These issues resolve over time and you can begin to see the optimal results of your ear surgery.

Find out if you’re a candidate for ear surgery by calling the North Shore Center for Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery or by requesting a surgical consultation online today.