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Dr. Pedro Rodriguez is a board certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery at Pryor Health. He counts among his specialties both Cosmetic and Reconstructive breast and body surgery. Dr. Rodriguez is recognized for his extraordinary ability to produce dramatic and lasting change while keeping his results exceedingly natural. His aesthetic philosophy is achieve the most natural, subtle, yet effective results by combining well-proven techniques with the latest advances in surgical technology. In partnership with Dr. Geroulis, Dr. Rodriguez is now available to perform surgeries in Northfield and South Barrington, in addition to his home base in Rockford, IL. Find out if you're a good candidate for a breast or body procedure with Dr. Rodriguez by scheduling a consultation today. To learn more about PryorHealth, click here. 



Breast Augmentation describes a variety of techniques that improve the appearance of the breasts by enhancing or refining shape, volume, projection and position. Based on the individual’s needs, these outcomes can be achieved through breast implants, breast lift, fat transfer, breast reduction, or a combination of several approaches to achieve the desired outcome.





Gynecomastia surgery addresses the overdevelopment of tissue in a man’s chest area, which can be accompanied by pain or tenderness. Gynecomastia Surgery is an effective and long-lasting way to reduce size, repair any associated abnormalities, and improve overall chest contour.






A Tummy Tuck is an excellent option for those experiencing excess skin or belly flab to achieve a more sculpted and toned midsection. While a Tummy Tuck primarily addresses the outward appearance of the abdominal area, it can also correct lax abdominal muscles post-pregnancy. 





Liposuction combats excess fat pockets located on various parts of the body which develop over time due to genetics, pregnancy, or simply as a part of the natural aging process. Liposuction is a safe and effective way to remove stubborn fat that diet and exercise alone cannot address.





Fat Transfer utilizes unwanted fat removed from other areas of the body to enhance volume or improve contour in the right places to achieve the ideal silhouette. The fat is redistributed via injection to the desired features, providing a more natural alternative to implants by using your own fat as a filler.






A Brazilian Butt Lift allows for augmentation of the buttocks without the use of implants, producing a lifted and more pronounced posterior while retaining a natural look and feel. This is typically achieved by employing a fat transfer, typically from the midsection, to simultaneously slim the waistline and increase volume in the buttocks.







A Mommy Makeover employs a tailored combination of procedures and techniques to restore the appearance and overall silhouette after pregnancy and childbirth. Based on your unique concerns, a Mommy Makeover may include Liposuction to tone and contour, Breast Augmentation to address position and volume, Sclerotherapy to lighten spider veins, and laser treatments to fade c-section scarring.







Labiaplasty involves reducing the labia majora, labia minora, or both to correct excess or asymmetrical labial tissue and promote a more attractive appearance or relieve physical discomfort. Labiaplasty can also address excess tissue around the clitoris, and is a commonly requested procedure after childbirth. 


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