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Our mission is to provide some of the most sought after results in facial and body aesthetic services in the United States, utilizing a wide range of specialist techniques and surgical principles. We believe that each patient’s facial and body features are unique, so we develop solutions tailored to each individual. We believe in and practice medical ethics; compassion, professionalism, and patient safety help us to achieve the highest quality of customer care.


  • Surgeon and medical staff on call 24/7. After surgery, patients are given direct access numbers to their surgeon for 24-hour contact.
  • Skilled operating room and nursing staff, specializing in aesthetic cosmetic surgery procedures.
  • Postoperative availability of experienced day and overnight private duty aftercare up to one week.
  • Arranging for visits by a medical professional for in-state patients requiring additional support.
  • Patient care consultants to assist in arranging hotel accommodations (with or without day or overnight private duty care), hotel shuttle or taxi to and from the medical center for postoperative follow-up visits, and flights, airport transfers and limousine pick-up to and from the facility (for out-of-state patients).
  • Consultation appointments that include a review of all costs associated with the surgical option discussed. Costs include all surgeon, anesthesia, outpatient surgery center, specialized recovery room and nursing fees; all surgical supplies; and all home and facility follow-up and monitoring visits with Dr. Geroulis and/or the medical staff. No additional costs will be incurred following surgery.
  • Specific measures are taken to enhance the body’s natural mechanisms for healing. These programs support the immune system to minimize inflammation and reduce bruising, resulting in an optimal surgical outcome. This program is particularly suitable for patients who seek homeopathic and natural methods for their healing process.
  • A unique, FDA recognized, natural medication supplement program to significantly minimize bruising and swelling and reduce discomfort during the immediate postoperative period.


We focus our efforts on making a difference in the quality of life of our patients. We consider it our responsibility to be attentive to your needs. To that end, we try to identify what is most important and focus our resources for the greatest, most enduring benefit. In doing so, we continually remind ourselves of the inherent worth of all people.

To make a difference, we strive to be pioneers in our field, contributors to medical knowledge, creators of personalized solutions and explorers of ideas that improve patient care.


We demand of ourselves that our service be of value to you: vigorous, resourceful, courteous and reliable. We insist on abiding by the highest professional standards. We aim to scrupulously guard the confidentiality of sensitive personal information and truthfully represent our capabilities to those seeking our services.

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