You may have heard that board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony J. Geroulis is an accomplished sculptor. In fact, in 1987, Dr. Geroulis earned recognition for one of his bronzed sculptures from the New York Academy of Art. However, what does Dr. Geroulis’ artistic background mean for you and your facelift surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a perfect blend of science and artistry. While not every surgeon has a background in sculpture, it’s vital that they have a keen eye for balance, harmony and naturalism. A beautiful final result is essential to a successful facelift procedure. While a surgeon may re-contour the face “correctly,” this doesn’t mean anything unless it is done in such a way that the patient remains as natural as possible. While it might sound counterintuitive, the best results are those that lead to a patient looking younger while still looking like him or herself. Patients of Dr. Geroulis are often asked if they have just returned from a long vacation or if they’ve lost weight. This is the best compliment, and the true meaning of the phrase “undetected of surgical intervention.”

While a good surgeon can perfect their surgical techniques, it takes a great surgeon to incorporate facial harmony and balance to achieve beautiful and natural facelift surgery results. Facial symmetry plays a key role in facial attractiveness. An excellent facelift procedure must either maintain or improve upon the male or female patient’s overall facial balance. If the patient requires more surgery to fix their facial balance, it may be necessary to have another surgical procedure in addition to their facelift surgery.

Chicago-based surgeon Dr. Geroulis explains his approach to facelift surgery: “I look at a face to identify the underlying elements of beauty, perhaps a contour of a cheek or a distinguished angle of the nose. I strive to accentuate those features at the same time as reducing anything that would distract from this balance. Facial symmetry has much to do with the surgical plan.”

It is very easy to see how much of a factor Dr. Geroulis’ artistic background plays into his surgical plan for facelift surgery. A surgeon who lacks an artistic eye may completely ignore the need to accentuate what is already beautiful. Some surgeons purely approach facelift procedures by looking at what needs to be modified or corrected. It is much more worthwhile to take an approach like Dr. Geroulis’. Each man or woman already has a feature (or several) that is beautiful. The key is to highlight those features, while correcting the sagging skin and loose muscle caused by age and gravity.

Dr. Geroulis approaches each patient at North Shore Center for Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery as a blank canvas. Dr. Geroulis has medical office locations in Northfield, Hoffman Estates and Chicago. His outpatient facility is also located in Northfield, a suburb about thirty minutes outside of Chicago. For more information about facelift surgery or to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Geroulis, call 866.875.3937.

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