This is a trick question. The “perfect nose” depends entirely on the individual’s face to whom it belongs. There isn’t a cookie cutter shape that can be seamlessly pasted onto each person who wants to change what their nose looks like. This is precisely why it is vital to be very careful about selecting the surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty. Chicago is home to many capable and talented cosmetic surgeons. Beyond good credentials, excellent patient and peer reviews and years of experience, it is very important that your goals and artistic vision aligns with that of the surgeon. This is especially important when it comes to rhinoplasty procedures, sometimes referred to as nose job surgery. Chicago-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Geroulis is an accomplished sculptor who has been operating for over thirty years. He combines his artistic vision with precision and skill to accomplish a result that works in harmony with the entire facial structure.

When asked to describe his methods, Dr. Geroulis explains, “I look at the entire face, as a sculptor would, and then determine how proper balance and proportion can be achieved, so as to accomplish the patient’s goal.” Certain patients of Dr. Geroulis approach him with a desire to fix one aspect of their nose, perhaps a bump, the tip or a deviated septum. Other patients wish to emulate a celebrity with a rhinoplasty. Chicago-based surgeon Dr. Geroulis has had several patients who have wished to mirror a celebrity, such as one patient who wanted a nose like Angelina Jolie. Dr. Geroulis believes this can be accomplished if and only if it is truly the shape and form that emphasizes and enhances the patient’s own natural beauty. It must fit the face.

There are many different opinions about what constitutes the perfect nose. In fact, an article came out recently that deemed actress Scarlett Johansson to have the perfect female nose because of its 106˚ angle. According to the article, other celebrities with this nasal angle are Kate Beckinsale and Kate Middleton. The type of nose described in the article is one that turns up ever so slightly. Once again, however, this type of nose must fit the face that it rests on. There are many different ideas about what sizes and angles of features creates the most aesthetically pleasing facial appearance. It is also very important that the nose and chin of a person’s face work well together. For example, sometimes, a patient thinks they need their nose fixed when really they need a chin implant not a nose job surgery.

Chicago-based surgeon Dr. Geroulis performs an in-depth facial analysis during consultation appointments, so he may determine the best surgical procedure for you, such as a chin implant or rhinoplasty. Chicago, Northfield and Hoffman Estates are the office locations where consultation appointments are available. After you meet with Dr. Geroulis for your consultation appointment, a patient coordinator will discuss with you in detail the procedure, the healing process and nose job surgery cost. Chicago-based surgeon Dr. Geroulis is a clinical professor of surgery at University of Chicago Medicine and a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Call 866.875.3937 to schedule your consultation appointment!

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