Saving money when the situation warrants it can be a smart idea. The concept of being thrifty is especially important when times are rough and the need to save money sets in. When it comes to surgery and your health, however, it is not the time to worry about being thrifty. When many individuals consider surgery—something that can be quite expensive-they are tempted to find the surgeon who offers them the best deal, for example, on rhinoplasty cost. Chicago is home to many surgeons who perform nose surgery and it goes without saying that some are better and more qualified than others.

Whether you are considering a rhinoplasty procedure, also called nasal surgery, to improve your breathing or simply to alter the shape of your nose, it is important to choose the best surgeon regardless of nose job cost. Chicago-based Dr. Anthony Geroulis is a highly-regarded and well-respected board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has been operating on patients for over thirty years. As a clinical professor of surgery at University Chicago Medicine, meaning he is a surgeon who teaches future surgeons, Dr. Geroulis is known for his superior results in rhinoplasty surgery.

Do you know what is important to think about when considering rhinoplasty cost? Chicago’s vast array of impressive hospitals and surgeons means that it is vital to consider a variety of factors. During your research, you should look at the surgeon’s credentials, their peer and patient reviews and their years of experience. It is most likely the case that the more years of experience a surgeon has and the better his or her reviews, the higher the nose job cost. Chicago-based surgeon Dr. Geroulis warns patients against going for the lowest cost, “Many individuals don’t realize that by trying to save money they sometimes end up spending even more. Choosing a surgeon with less experience increases the likelihood that a revision surgery will need to be performed down the road.”

There are a variety of other factors to consider, as well. The cost might also be higher depending on the specific surgical technique employed and the quality of the facility where the surgery is performed. It is also very important to consider what is included in the nose job cost. Chicago surgeon Dr. Geroulis includes everything from anesthesia to operating room fees to follow-up appointments. Certain surgeons offer a lower cost but then add on additional charges after the fact. These are all things to be aware of when analyzing rhinoplasty cost.

Chicago, Northfield and Hoffman Estates are the office locations where Dr. Geroulis meets with prospective patients for consultation appointments. During these appointments, Dr. Geroulis performs a full facial analysis so he may determine which procedure is right for each individual. Following the meeting with Dr. Geroulis, a patient care consultant will answer any additional questions you may have and discuss the healing process and rhinoplasty cost. Chicago, Northfield and Hoffman Estate appointments with Dr. Geroulis may all be booked by calling 866.875.3937. Don’t wait to take the first steps towards the new you!

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