Otoplasty before and after results are sometimes subtle but sometimes the corrective procedure can be all a child or adult suffering from protruding ears needs to make them less self-conscious. The amount to which the otoplasty before and after results vary is almost fully dependent upon the severity of the protruding ears prior to surgery. One Las Vegas plastic surgeon remarked that it is usually the parents who wish for their children to undergo otoplasty surgery because they believe it will prevent them from the teasing and bullying that is often associated with middle school. In some situations, the parents know from experience that it is difficult to grow up with prominent and disproportionate ears.

There is a lot to be said about undergoing otoplasty surgery at a young age to prevent teasing, but it is also a decision that should not be taken lightly. Otoplasty before and after results can be quite noticeable and may be something that the child when older would want; however, if the decision is made purely because the parents want it done or to prevent bullying then it might require more thought. This is not to mean that the surgery should not be done. Otoplasty surgery can provide a lot of relief to individuals who are highly self-conscious about their ears. Some adults even style their hair in a particular way to hide their protruding ears. The point to take away from this is that if a child is going to undergo otoplasty surgery then the decision needs to come as result of a collaborative discussion between the parents, the doctor and the child. In some cases it may also be wise to consult with a child psychologist or school counselor before making the final decision. If otoplasty surgery, or any form of elective plastic surgery, is performed on a child, then it must be determined that it is in the best interest of the child and their future.

There are two main methods of otoplasty surgery: one involves removing the cartilage and the second involves stitching, sometimes referred to as pinning, back the ears. The otoplasty before and after results of both methods are largely the same: an angle between the head and ear is created that is more natural and proportionate with the rest of the face, while leaving no visible evidence that it was done so surgically. The first method of removing cartilage is performed if there is a lot of excess cartilage because sometimes when there is more than necessary it adds to the appearance of a protruding ear. The second method involves making an incision behind the ear to pull it closer to the head and then stitch it up. Board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Geroulis is a clinical professor of surgery at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Dr. Geroulis has been specializing in facial cosmetic surgery for over three decades. To learn more about otoplasty before and after results, set up a consultation with Dr. Geroulis today. Please call 866.875.3937 to learn more about how to correcting protruding and prominent ears.

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