Facial symmetry is an element of beauty. A balanced facial structure is aesthetically preferable and is perceived as an indication of vitality and health. Undoubtedly, the process of aging affects the balance, proportion and symmetry of facial features. Factors such as hereditary (bone structure), biological (demineralization, muscle loss, halt in collagen production) and environmental factors (sun, wind, temperature extremes, pollution), affect the quality and quantity of skin tissue. Lifestyle choices (alcohol, caffeine, sleep, smoking), also play a role in facial structure. These factors, along with years of repetitive facial muscle movement (smiling, chewing, squinting), produce visible patterns of wrinkling and facial lines. In addition, gravitational changes may result in the emergence of jowls and nasolabial folds, skin laxity in the neck area, lowered eyebrows, puffy looking eyes or a downward pointing nasal tip. Loss of skin elasticity, abnormal pigmentation, skin lesions and fat thinning may also occur in the facial area. These changes affect the balance, proportion and symmetry of the delicate facial features.

Specialist facial cosmetic techniques – whether surgical or non surgical– can go a long way to address such facial imbalances and restore lost symmetry and attractiveness to the face. Facial enhancement procedures can accomplish highly rewarding results: remove deep skin folds and creases in the mid-face, forehead and eye area; re-contour an un-shapely jaw line and diminish jowls; smooth and redefine the neckline; re-shape a nose that is disproportionate to other facial features, or remove excess upper lid skin to restore a refined oval shape to the eyes. Similarly, non -surgical and non invasive facial enhancement procedures can improve volume loss, skin texture, the appearance of wrinkles and lines with minimal downtime. Scars may be improved, skin tones made more even, and hollow looking, thinner faces plumped up to create a refreshed, more refined and attractive appearance.

In addition to providing correction, facial enhancement procedures, if performed at the right time—which has less to do with age than with need, since we all age at different times— can make you look undeniably younger and more vibrant. Although a facial enhancement procedure will not stop the aging process, the younger look remains. You will still look younger than had you not done anything at all.

Whether the aim of cosmetic enhancement be refining, correction or rejuvenation, to accomplish results that appear “un-operated’ and natural looking, a surgeon must make a careful and accurate judgment based on: an excellent understanding of facial anatomy and how it can change with the aging process; a mastery of scientific principles ; a corresponding command of surgical skills attained through extensive clinical experience in the head and neck area; an advanced comprehension of beauty, balance and proportion in artistic terms acquired though experience in artistic creativity; and possess expertise in the operating principles of patient safety.

The choice of procedures, techniques and technologies- whether it be one or more –surgical or non invasive – is an integral part of a surgeon’s detailed planning, if refined, natural looking facial enhancement is to be accomplished. By identifying, combining and adapting the various techniques, the surgeon essentially innovates with a level of experience, precision and skill that makes all the difference in results – one that flows seamlessly in harmony with the specific bone structure and individuality of the facial features.

Dr. Anthony Geroulis for over 35 years has long been recognized for his extensive experience in the field of facial cosmetic surgery and his innovative techniques and approach to patient safety. He is known by his patients and peers for his accomplished natural looking results. A clinical professor of surgery at the leading University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC), Dr. Geroulis has been consistently appointed by is medical peers to train future surgeons, as well as been nominated by the medical profession as a “Top Doctor’.

To schedule a consultation with facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Geroulis, in Chicago, North or West Suburbs, please contact North Shore Center for Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery at (866) 875-EYES.

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