When considering facelift surgery in Chicago, there are so many hospitals and surgeons from which to choose. The decision should be made based off of a series of important criteria. One of the most vital aspects to consider should be your end goals in the process. For many individuals who are considering the prospect of surgery, their main concern is achieving a natural result from their facelift surgery. Chicago-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Geroulis believes that each individual who is considering surgery should be sure that their goals align with that of their surgeon. Cosmetic surgery is an art form—one that relies heavily on the surgeon’s aesthetic and artistic eye. This creative sense is important in all types of cosmetic surgery but especially facelift surgery. Chicago-surgeon Dr. Geroulis has been operating for over three decades, during which time he has fine-tuned his craft and perfected his detailed approach. As a clinical professor of surgery at University of Chicago Medicine, he is, at his very core, a surgeon who teaches surgeons. This combination of artist, teacher and expert has produced a surgeon who creates beautiful and natural results in facelift surgery.

Chicago surgeon Dr. Geroulis is often overheard repeating his well-known and heartfelt mantra to his patients: “I want you to look like you but from years ago.” When Dr. Geroulis speaks about the his goals and those of his dedicated staff, he explains, “We try to enhance and bring out the distinct beauty the patient once had and eradicate the years of stress and aging that shows on their face. We are restoring and recreating at the same time.”

It doesn’t get more natural than that.

Patients who undergo facelift surgery in Chicago are seeking a result that is very specific: too overdone and they look as if they belong on one of the coasts or too little and it doesn’t seem as if they have had anything done at all. The Midwest mentality to cosmetic surgery walks a thin line. It must be purposeful and successful while never revealing how that rejuvenation was achieved. A facelift typically addresses the lower two thirds of the face and neck region and works to correct the sagging, excess skin that develops as we age. Certain patients combine other procedures such as an upper or lower eyelid surgery or forehead eyebrow lift in order to accomplish a more dramatic effect. This all depends on each individual’s aging process. Patients of Dr. Geroulis often remark that their friends ask them if they changed their hair or lost weight, noting that they look fantastic but not being able to pinpoint exactly why. Only you should be the one to divulge that you’ve undergone facelift surgery.

Chicago, Northfield and Hoffman Estates are the office locations where Dr. Geroulis meets with patients for consultation appointments. It is during this appointment that he performs a highly detailed facial analysis in order to determine which procedure or series of procedures will yield the greatest and most natural results for you. Call 866.875.3937 to begin your journey today!

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