Surgery can be scary, let’s state the obvious, right? We know that surgery makes most people nervous and even though you want to get that eyelid lift that you have been patiently waiting for, the idea of being put under makes your stomach churn. At our office, Dr. Anthony Geroulis aims to make each of his patients feel comfortable and part of how we do that is by providing patients with IV sedation as opposed to general anesthesia.

So what is IV sedation and why is it a better option than general anesthesia? IV sedation is also known as “twilight sedation” where you, the patient, is given anesthesia via an injection. Most professionals compare it to a highly-relaxed and sleep-like state. You will not feel any pain nor remember the operation and this sedation has fewer side effects.


General anesthesia is a stark contrast. Under this type of anesthesia, patients are completely unconscious and many of the body functions will begin to slow down. Anesthesiologists are then required to continually monitor such functions as your heart, oxygen levels, and blood pressure during the procedure. Additionally, under general anesthesia, patients often have a tube placed in their throat to help them breathe which can lead to unpleasant side effects such as bleeding, injury to the throat or trachea, damage to the vocal cords, damage to teeth, sore throat, and infection among others.

Now that you have the definitions, why else is IV sedation often the preferred choice by patients? Patients who have IV sedation do not need tubes to breathe, are less groggy after the procedure, have either light or no nausea, and the drugs used put less stress on your body. With general anesthesia, patients seem to have longer recovery times, extreme nausea, chills, and find that it is harder on the heart and lungs during the actual procedure.

Dr. Anthony Geroulis and the staff of the North Shore Center for Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery want you to feel at ease. The goal is to make you look great and feel comfortable, which is why we have chosen IV sedation for each of our patients. With less recovery time, side effects, and risks – it’s the obvious choice to get you back on your feet and enjoying the new you.

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