Skin Tag Removal in Chicago and North Shore

Skin tags are common on the face and other parts of the body. Many people choose to undergo a skin tag removal procedure because they may get in the way when you apply makeup or shave; they may catch on clothing; or they may simply be unattractive.

Although removal is not necessary for health reasons, people may dislike the effect on their appearance and may see skin tags as a sign of aging. Although skin tag removal procedures are relatively easy, a facial specialist must perform these procedures to prevent recurrence.

During your consultation for skin tag removal at the Chicago, Northfield of Hoffman Estates facility, Dr. Geroulis will decide which of the following techniques is ideal for you:


A very thin blade, electrically heated, is applied to the stalk of the skin tag. Pain is minimal—it feels more like a tickle. The hot blade cuts the stalk and seals the capillaries to prevent bleeding.


Liquid nitrogen freezes the skin tag. The tissue will fall off on its own.


An incision is made at the stalk of the skin tag and the tag is removed. This is usually painless and may not require anesthetic.

The scar from a skin tag removal is, at most, a thin, barely visible scar. Dermapen® skin therapy may be recommended to accelerate healing and further repair skin and diminish any visible signs of incision from the skin tag removal. This revolutionary treatment utilizes a device with micro-needles that vibrates as it travels across the face or body. The pen gently stamps the epidermis to ensure balanced absorption of an applied topical into the skin and to speed up skin restoration. The further application of medical grade, highly effective skin creams and serums will provide further skin restoration to smooth out the color, tone and texture of the skin providing remarkable results in overall skin complexion. For more information about Dermapen, please visit Dermapen Skin Therapy.

Board certified Chicago cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Anthony J Geroulis is a clinical professor of surgery at the University of Chicago Medical Center. His private medical surgical facility, North Shore Center for Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is located in Northfield, with offices in Chicago and Hoffman Estates. His facility services patients throughout Illinois to achieve the most innovative, natural looking results. Contact the facility to explore your options with Dr. Anthony Geroulis for the most advanced skin tag removal procedures on the North Shore. Please call 866.875.3937 to schedule a consultation for skin tag removal at the Chicago, Northfield or Hoffman Estates location.

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